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Utah Doctor Murder Trial Continues

Utah Doctor Murder Trial Continues

Dr. Martin MacNeill is facing murder charges and life in prison for the death of his wife. His wife was found unconscious in the bathtub of his home in April of 2007. MacNeill was charged with murder and obstruction of justice in August 2012 after being released from...

On DUI’s

Impaired Driving and DMV Suspensions

So you are one of the lucky ones. Through some good lawyering, your attorney convinced the prosecutor to reduce your DUI to Impaired Driving. You have completed 60 days of your 120-day driver's license suspension. You have heard that by doing a plea bargain down to...

DUI’s Reduced Offense?

Some Utah DUI cases are plead to the reduced charge of Impaired Driving. Impaired Driving is not referred to as a reduced charge based upon it being a lesser degree of crime; Both offenses are Class B Misdemeanors carrying the potential of up to 180 days in jail....

On Felonies

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