Yearly sales by the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in the US total nearly a trillion dollars. One can only imagine the intense level of competition within these industries. One can also understand the incentive of pharmaceutical and medical device giants to cut a few corners to get an edge on the competition.  A single well-marketed product can account for tens of billions of dollars in sales.

These companies try to be the tail wagging the dog. They gain favorable treatment from the FDA by making a routine practice of hiring personnel and administrators who worked for the FDA. Such hiring practices are common for companies within these industries and are intended to gain favor from the FDA. They influence medical school curriculum through the funding of studies and by influencing the content of textbooks and teaching materials. They pressure doctors to comply with the wishes of patients by marketing their product heavily to a target population using an “Ask your doctor about…” campaign. They spend large sums of money marketing and influencing the population with the ultimate intent of establishing a standard of care that favors the use of their product. Once enough doctors favor the use the manufacturer’s product, it becomes the standard of care which is enforced by the threat of malpractice lawsuits for non-compliant doctors. While utilizing such for-profit and only-for-profit market strategies, many of these companies make the decision to withhold evidence of life-threatening risks from patients and their doctors.

This decision is always based upon an algorithm concluding that withholding the information will lead to greater profits despite of the inevitable lawsuits that will follow. If you have been seriously harmed by a prescription drug or a medical device, you deserve to be compensated for that harm. Call us immediately to discuss the matter. Our practice is focused in Utah, Idaho and Colorado, but we accept cases from anywhere in the United States. 

We are willing to consider claims involving any medical device or drug, but our practice is currently focused on those we link to on this page.

Low Testosterone Drugs

Buyer beware! Kings and sultans have searched for the proverbial fountain of youth since the beginning of recorded history. Recent claims by the pharmaceutical industry would make one think it has been discovered, or rather created… in a chemistry lab. “Take this pill” or “simply rub on some of this cream,” and you will be competing in marathons, sailing around the world, riding bareback on a horse, and dating women twenty years younger than you.

There is no denying that users of these products have experienced some positive benefits. However, hidden behind these crafty and alluring marketing campaigns are some scary statistics the industry keeps hidden from the ultimate consumer and prescribing doctors. If you were aware of how these testosterone enhancing products dramatically increase the risk of stroke and heart attack, you may have thought twice before using one.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a stroke or heart attack while using a low testosterone drug or a low testosterone cream, call us immediately for a free confidential consultation. Our practice is focused in Utah, Idaho, and Colorado, but we accept cases from anywhere in the United States.  

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