Stabbing attacks are considered assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder, and can be severely punished in the state of Utah. Recently, a man who has been connected with a stabbing in Oregon and a slashing in Utah was arrested, and he is now being held in incarceration while the courts sort out the details of his trial. Erik John Meiser is a white supremacist who took his racist anger out on unfortunate victims in both Oregon and Utah in recent months. In the Utah attack, Meiser approached another man at a bus station and began to slash him in the face with a knife. The same offender also broke into Frederick Hayes house in Lake Oswego, Oregon and stabbed him to death.

Meiser was discovered walking down the street on Saturday, and police quickly were able to arrest the killer at gunpoint. When Meiser is tried for his Utah crime, he will probably merit an assault with a deadly weapon offense. Because the assault was intentional, Meier’s charges may be raised to aggravated assault as is defined in the Utah Criminal Code § 76-5-103. This offense is considered a felony, and can come with years in prison. In addition, Meiser faces a potential life sentence for the murder of his victim in Oregon.

Whenever you are charged with violent crimes like assault with a deadly weapon or murder, the charges can be very serious. Yet at the Zabriskie Law Firm we understand that you may not be guilty. There are times that a crafty killer will cause all evidence to point to another person. There are also times that you may be mistaken for a killer and arrested for the crimes of another based on a similar physical appearance. Whenever you are charged with a felony, you need the best defense possible to challenge your charges. Talk to a lawyer at the Zabriskie Law Firm today for more information!

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