Assault Lawyers in Salt Lake City, Provo, Boise and Denver from Zabriskie Law Firm can provide the expert defense needed for those arrested for assault or battery.

If you have been convicted of an assault-related crime in Utah, Idaho or Colorado, it is critical that you consult with an assault attorney from Zabriskie Law Firm who will tirelessly fight to protect and defend your legal rights and freedoms.  Whether you have been arrested for assault, battery or intent the penalties involved from state to state can be extremely serious.

Our primary focus is to defend your legal rights and have the charges placed against you reduced or dismissed, lessening the negative impact your case could have on your life.  We understand the seriousness of all assault and battery crimes in Utah, Idaho and Colorado and the penalties that can come with these charges.

At Zabriskie Law Firm, we will fight aggressively for your case to get you the best possible verdict. As one of the most recognized law firms in the states of Utah, Idaho and Colorado, we have a proven track record for dismissing or reducing the penalties in am assault crime case.

Head over to our Criminal Defense Case Results page to see what we’ve accomplished for our clients in the past.  Our Drug Law lawyers have obtained positive outcomes in hundreds of cases for misdemeanor or felony assault crimes and are prepared for the aggressive approach necessary to win your case.  We have decades of experience in protecting the rights of Salt Lake City, Provo, Boise and Denver residents.  Contact us today so we can begin preparing an effective defense on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Assault Crimes

What classifies as criminal assault?

Criminal Assault is defined differently from state to state.  Some states consider it assault only if physical contact is made while others state will define an attempt to injure another as criminal assault.  In these states, there is no classification for attempted assault as the attempt is considered the assault.  Usually verbal assault is not severe enough to fall under this jurisdiction.  Raising one’s fist or approaching someone aggressively can be considered assault in certain circumstances, though.

What is the difference between Simple Assault and Aggravated Assault?

Simple assault is a less serious form of assault.  These situations usually only involve minor injury or a limited threat toward violence.

Aggravated assault is considered much more serious and involves circumstances that lead to or could have resulted in much greater injury or violence.  Examples of this include:

  • Attempting to strike someone with a weapon or deadly object
  • Shooting at or pointing a gun at a person with intent or threat to kill
  • Assault with the intent to commit another felony crime such as theft or rape
  • Assault that results in serious personal injury
  • Assault or threatening another while concealing one’s identity
  • Assault against any individual of a protected class such as a police officer, medical provider, social services worker or a disabled or elderly person.
What are the penalties for Assault Crimes?

Aggravated Assault can result in anywhere between one year and 20 years in prison depending on the circumstances and the different provisions determined by each state.  Typically, a judge holds some level of discretion on the length of sentence and how much of it can be served under probation rather than in prison.  It is for this reason that is imperative to hire an Assault Attorney from Zabriskie Law Firm if you’ve been charged with an Assault Crime.  Our lawyers will work tirelessly to drop or reduce the charges brought against you.

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